Schedule of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion - 6/10 to 9/9/17

“ Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him, says the Lord.” John 6:57

6/10       5:00       A. Salerno/ M. Tedaldi/ E. Ansbro              
6/11       7:30       P. Carbone/ P. Pierno/ T. Reid
9:30       L. Meloni/ L. Meloni/ C. Meringolo
11:30     A. Wallace/ G. Caputo/ I. Tarnowski
(Cup) D. Zambito/ E. Willie

6/17       5:00       M. Murray/ M. Dioguardi/ J. DelGiudice
6/18       7:30       T. Reid/ M. McLoughlin / AM Bianco
9:30       M. Madden/ L. Meloni/ L. Meloni
11:30     ME McKie/ M. Gallo/ N. Caruso
(Cup) L. Kende/ K. Savino

6/24       5:00       M. Tedaldi/ E. Ansbro/ E. Esposito
6/25       7:30       M. Bellock/ P. Pierno/ P. Carbone
9:30       C. Meringolo/ J. Pietrofere/ P. Pietrofere
11:30     M.Gallo/ I. TarnowskI/ G. Caputo
(Cup) A. Wallace/ D. Zambito

7/1         5:00       M. Dioguardi/ A. Salerno/ J. DelGiudice
7/2         7:30       P. Carbone/ LA Palazzo/ T. Reid
9:30       L. Meloni/ L. Meloni/  N. Burgie
11:30     N. Head/ ME McKie/ M. Hargrave
(Cup) N. Caruso/ D. Zambito

7/8         5:00       J. Gay/ M. Tedaldi/ E. Ansbro
7/9         7:30       P. Kenny/  M. Kenny/ M.  Bellock
9:30       J. Pietrofere/ P. Pietrofere/ M. Madden
11:30     K. Savino/ A. Wallace/ I. Tarnowski
(Cup) E. Willie/ D. Zambito

7/15       5:00       J. DelGiudice/ M. Dioguardi/ M. Sullivan
7/16       7:30       P. Pierno/ G. Dolan/ T. Reid
9:30       L. Meloni/ L. Meloni/ M. Murray
11:30     N. Caruso/ ME McKie/ G. Caputo
(Cup) A. Wallace/ M. Hargrave

7/22       5:00       M. Murray/ E. Ansbro/ M . Tedaldi
7/23       7:30       P. Carbone/ LA Palazzo/ M . McLoughlin
9:30       L. Gay/ J. Gay/ C. Meringolo
11:30     M. Hargrave/ M. Gallo/ K. Savino
(Cup) I. Tarnowski/ D. Zambito

7/29       5:00       M. Murray/ E. Esposito/ B. Serio
7/30       7:30       G. Dolan/ P. Pierno/ AM Bianco
9:30       M. Madden/ J. Pietrofere/ P. Pietrofere
11:30     M.E Mckie/ G. Caputo/ N. Caruso
(Cup) A. Wallace/ N. Head

8/5         5:00       E. Ansbro/ M. Dioguardi/ M. Tedaldi
8/6         7:30       LA Palazzio/ M. McLoughlin/ P. Carbone
9:30       C. Meringolo/ N. Burgie/ M . Murray
11:30     I. Tarnowski/ L. Kende/ E. Willie
(Cup) D. Zambito/ K. Savino

8/12       5:00       J. DelGiudice/ J. Gay/ L. Gay
8/13       7:30       M. Kenny/ P. Kenny/ G. Dolan
9:30       N. Burgie/ L. Meloni/ L. Meloni
11:30     A. Salerno/ ME McKie/ A. Wallace
(Cup) N . Caruso/ M. Hargrave

8/14       5 PM      P. Carbone
8/15       8:30       D. Zambito/ P. O’Donnell/ M. Allen
7:30PM AM  Bianco/ B. Serio

8/19       5:00       M. Tedaldi /M. Dioguardi/ E. Ansbro
8/20       7:30       M. Bellock/ AM Bianco/ D. Bianco
9:30       C. Meringolo/ I. Tarnowski /M. Murray
11:30     N. Caruso/ N. Head/ G. Caputo
(Cup) E. Willie/ D. Zambito

8/26       5:00       A. Salerno/ L. Gay/ J. Gay
8/27       7:30       M. McLoughlin/ LA Palazzo/ T. Reid
9:30       P. Pietrofere/ J. Pietrofere/ N. Burgie
11:30     E. Willie/ A. Wallace/ M. Hargrave
(Cup) D. Zambito/ ME. McKie

9/2         5:00       M. Dioguardi/ E. Ansbro/ M. Tedaldi
9/3         7:30       P. Pierno/ M. Kenny/ P. Kenny
9:30       L. Meloni/ L. Meloni C. Meringolo
11:30     I. Tarnow ski / A. Salerno/ N. Caruso
(Cup) D. Zambito/ E. Willie


DAILY MASS SCHEDULE                                             Saturday
6/12-6/17             Mckie/ O’Donnell/Allen                                            Kenny
6/13-6/24            Zambito/ LaBella/ Savino & Sullivan                   Madden
6/26-7/1               Head/ Zambito and Madden/ Meringolo            Kenny
7/3-7/8                 Gallo/ O’Donnell/ Allen                                              Madden
7/10-7/15            McKie/ LaBella/ Savino and Sullivan                   Kenny
7/17-7/22            Zambito/ Hargrave and Madden/ Meringolo    Kenny
7/24-7/29           Head / O’Donnell/ Allen                                              Madden
7/31-8/5              Gallo/ La B ella/ Savino and Sullivan                     Kenny
8/7-8/12               McKie/ Hargrave and Madden/ Meringolo        Kenny  
8/14-8/19            Zam bito/ O’Donnell/ Allen                                        Madden
8/21-8/26            Head/ LaBella/ Savino and Sullivan                       Zambito
8/28-9/2              Gallo/ Hargrave and Madden/ Meringolo            Kenny
9/4-9/9                 McKie/ O’Donnell/ Allen                                             Madden 

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