Had Christ's mission ended when He quitted the earth, He would still have been in word and work the ideal teacher, and would have influenced for all time the education of mankind so far as its ultimate aims and basic principles are concerned. But as a matter of fact, He made ample provision for the perpetuation of His work by training a select body of men who for three years were constantly under His direction and were thoroughly imbued with His spirit . To these Apostles , moreover He gave the command: "Going therefore, teach ye all nations . . . . and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world" (Matthew 27:19-20). These words are the charter of the Christian Church as a teaching institution. While they refer directly to the doctrine of salvation, and therefore to the imparting of religious truth, they nevertheless, or rather by the very nature of that truth and its consequences for life , carry with them the obligation of insisting on certain principles and maintaining certain characteristics which have a decisive bearing on all educational problems.

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Enrollment Form is here (click on icon below) - St. Gertrude's Code is NY83

Every family in the parish should be registered.  Please call the rectory for registration, or when changing or moving to another parish. We welcome and encourage you to participate in the daily life of our parish family.

Among the many opportunities for fellowship, service and personal growth at St. Gertrude’s are:

WORSHIP: Choir, Folk Group, Ushers, Lectors, Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers (Liturgical & Homebound)

SOCIAL MINISTRY: Parish Ministry, Servants of the Sacred Heart, Food Pantry/Outreach, Hospitality, Alcoholics Anonymous (Contact Rectory), St. Vincent DePaul (516) 584 - 4090; Email - svdpstgertrudes@gmail.com; Website - http://www.svdprvc.org/

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: Religious Education Program - Grades 1 – 8, RCIA – Adult Formation

YOUTH MINISTRY: Youth Ministry (Teens & Pre-Teens), St. Gertrude’s Blue Wave & CYO Basketball

MEMBER ORGANIZATION: Rosary Guild, Knights of Columbus

SPIRITUALITY: Charismatic Prayer Group, Little Rock Scripture Study Group